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Amtrak Reviews

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  • Terrible Customer Service

    I was a couple minutes late for the train and I went inside to ask if I had missed my train and the person working the desk had no idea and then rudely responded saying, "must have,,i don't see it on the track." I asked her where i should go next to connect to get on it and she had no idea so she asked another employee who told me to go a couple stops next so that I would get to it and I asked if I would get there in time and she said yes. I have been waiting here two hours and i think it's safe to say I am $10 in the hole and wasted a lot of time. Now I will sit here... More...
    Nikky's Picture   Nikky    0 Comments   Comments

    Read the fine print when you make a purchase because they will NOT refund your money if you're in coach they only offer an eVoucher no money returned. We booked a first class private room for our return home and they only gave us a percentage of our refund not our entire purchase cost. Another thing is DON'T BOTHER WITH THE INSURANCE....they advertised the travel insurance and made it seem that if you had a change in plans that the policy would cover this BUT when we called they said due to Amtrak's policy on refunds we do not cover the difference of the refund we ONLY cover... More...
    pres100717's Picture   pres100717    0 Comments   Comments
  • All doors did NOT open

    I was taking the Acela #2154 to New Haven. I got out of my seat when notice was given that we were arriving. I grabbed my bag and waited at the nearest door. The door did not open. I pressed the open door button, but no luck. Instead of being a half hour late like usual, I will be three hours late. More...
    Pine's Picture   Pine    0 Comments   Comments
  • travelling Amtrak

    Amtrak can be a very convenient way to travel in the NE Corridor. However, its arrival and departure times are becoming increasingly unreliable (2017) and travelers should aware of this in making plans. Once trains are late they will invariably suffer more delays. A train starting 30 minutes late will often reach its destination 1hr 30min late. It is still a good way to travel, but just remember Amtrak is not run by Japanese or Europeans More...
    gizzy's Picture   gizzy    0 Comments   Comments
  • One-way coach sleeper ticket costs $1,252!

    Travelling between the east coast and the west coast, a one-way coach sleeper berth is $1,252. Note that this is coach, not 1st class, and only one-way. $1,252 is 5 times the cost of flying! The 1st reason for the outrageous price is AmTrak's overpaid executives & board members. Put these featherbedders to work on board the trains for $50K/yr, instead of the $200K they each make now for doing nothing. The 2nd reason for the price is that our government, who should oversee the Amtrak salaries and rates to make them fair, has been bought by the oil fat cats and told to do... More...
    hannum7's Picture   hannum7    1 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak employees do seem to hate their jobs!!!

    I am on Amtrak from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC 1.26.17. This male that I will not call a gentleman, has the most rude hateful demeanor. Does Amtrak seek out the most unhappy power hungry individuals they can fine to hire. He has not said one civil word to anyone in this car. I was asleep on the beach with no one sitting next to me. He kicked my seat until I woke up and told me I couldn't take up two seats, sit up people were needing the seats. That is fine if that were the truth. There are empty chairs all over the coach. I would never take someone's seat but I would at the same... More...
    Sleepyhead's Picture   Sleepyhead    0 Comments   Comments
  • maltreated and traumatized

    The Empire Builder experience? The conductor took my suitcase. When I detrained (delightful word), I asked her where it was. She said it was at the baggage claim. I walked all the way to the other end of Union Depot and waited for my suitcase, which never showed up. The man at the baggage claim said he never got it and I better run back because it's still on the train. Why he couldn't radio anyone to make sure the train didn't leave without my suitcase I have no idea. I ran back. The guys at the gate needed to be explained to. They let me go handle the situation myself. The... More...
    LouiseM's Picture   LouiseM    0 Comments   Comments
  • No concern for people's safety

    Wow going through a hard time in life with my grandfather passing away on vacation or three days before he was supposed to get back on Amtrak to go home two funerals in dealing with his affairs after death and catching a train back to Texas on October 21 I have never felt so disrespected in my life they lead someone on the train wasn't supposed to be on a train without a ticket somewhere in the middle of Texas and next thing I know there's three guys fist fighting it took staff a very long time to come and break up the fight and then to bring the guys back in the same general... More...
    Ladykeita's Picture   Ladykeita    0 Comments   Comments
  • Exterior Cleanliness

    I was on Empire Builder 7/28 Portland - Chicago. The exterior of the train, specifically the windows we had to look through for 2 days, were filthy. Now I'm looking at a trip on the Zephyr EMY-Chicago on Sept. 29 and and hoping that this train is much cleaner that the last. Consider this, a lot of your marketing is based on SELLing the scenery, but filthy windows keeps you from DELIVERing it. More...
  • Amtrak won't resolve my issue

    I would like to speak with someone that can help me with my case. To make a long story short... I made a reservation for my parents(my dad is hard of hearing and my mom has Alzheimer's) to take a train from Pennsylvania to Kansas City for my wedding which was to be held on May 30. They were on the train and they were not told that they were the next stop so they actually missed their stop and had to take a cab back to the previous stop to get back on the correct train. As you can imagine this was very stressful for 2 elderly people and they were afraid they were going to miss my... More...
    Maeganmccann's Picture   Maeganmccann    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak travel

    I am 86 years old and traveling by Amtrak was the worse experience in my life. Seventeen hours on a train that kept breaking. I will never travel on Amtrak again. Why is it that the USA is the most developed country but we have the worst rail service. Try high-speed or monorail, other countries have it and it is a excellent way to travel. More...
    rpilkins0728's Picture   rpilkins0728    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointing

    No tv available on board. No wi fi. No microwaves available for personal use. dirty and smelly bathrooms due to lack of up keep. Over priced food on menu, $ 7.00 dollars for a hotdog really. Ran out pizza. What a way to satisfy your customers. Very disappointing trip and this was my childrens first train ride ever and it will be the last if things don't get better. 19 and a half hours of pure misery. More...
  • Amtrak

    We took are first train ride to Orlando, Florida with our 2 children. First of all, I was disappointed to find out that there were no tv on board for this long travel. I asked a worker about it and they said to use your electronics. Everyone does not own electronic devices. Second, there was no wi-fi available on this particular train which also was disappointing. Third there was no microwave for passengers to use that brought there own food, due to the high prices on there menu. Lastly, for the distant of travel, the bathrooms needs to be cleaned and checked every 2 hours the odor was... More...
    btvrene11's Picture   btvrene11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wilmington Station Error

    I travel on Amtrak weekly from NYC to Wilmington for work. I was waiting for my delayed train when the sign said it wouldn't arrive until 5:55pm, I ran to use the restroom and returned at 4:48, the doors had just closed and they wouldn't open them. I called customer service who said it wasn't their fault. I bought another ticket and was only offered a $50 credit. I'm a select plus customer, travel all the time, this was not my error--but this is the best they can do? And they wonder why noway wants to support the Gateway Project. Miscommunication, constantly late,... More...
    Commutesick's Picture   Commutesick    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dirty Windows, No WIFI

    Our Amtrak trip on Empire Builder(sleeper, PDX-CHI) was reasonably good... we would probably do it again. Two Things... 1.) You're selling the scenery and expecting us to enjoy it through filth-coated windows. Entire exterior of the train was filthy, looked very skuzzy/shabby, very 1950's. These aren't steam trains anymore. Please make SOME sort of effort. The pictures of all the beautiful scenery, came out terrible. 2.) No WIFI,.. c'mon you guys its 2015! No WIFI on our next Amtrak train (Lakesore Ltd. CHI-BUF) either. So I spent 3 days out of touch with the rest... More...
  • Not a bad trip... but the filth!

    We took the EMPIRE BUILDER Portland to Chicago July 28th. Went through some of the most picturesque country there is. Unfortunately we saw ALL OF IT through filthy windows. What a rip off. Does anyone at Amtrak care about DELIVERING the view that they SELL? Everything about the exterior of the train, metal and glass, was filthy, I'd bet that none of it had been cleaned(even poorly cleaned) in years. More...
    fortyniner's Picture   fortyniner    0 Comments   Comments
  • If Amtrak weren't a monopoly they would be bankrupt.

    I am sure as I submit this review some Amtrak employee is sitting on their butt doing nothing. It has to be that way or else my train wouldn't be delayed 5 hours. Talk about being in reliable. Don't make plans the day you plan to travel with Amtrak or you will be sourly disappointed. I mean what kind to piece of shit company has that big of delay for a train. Unless 8 trains detail I should be able to get to my destination on time. So in short, Amtrak you can go fuck yourselves. Have a delay filled day everyone. Have a delay filled day everyone. More...
  • Amtrak Attendant very competent.

    Hi, I am writing on behalf of my mother (Jeanette Ramos) who was very pleased with a very helpful and caring attendant while on train #48 from Chicago to New York on 7/6-7/7/15. Apparently there was a gentleman working as the attendant named Kilroy who treated her with such care and compassion that she wanted me to write and comment how comfortable he made her feel. She was very disoriented at first and he made her trip comfortable and pleasant. My mother feels that he is an asset to the Amtrak Corporation. I as well thank you because he put our family at ease while she was traveling.... More...
    algarinbarnes's Picture   algarinbarnes    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak abandons their customers--Horrible customer service!

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Amtrak cancelled their train leaving Montreal, after leaving their customers waiting for hours. All the passengers were told there is nothing Amtrak can do for you. "You are on your own and we have no other trains that you can take today." Amtrak literally abandoned its passengers! When I contacted customer service, they told me to write a detailed letter. After about a month, I got a form letter back--basically saying my treatment is their official policy when they decide to cancel a trip. Shameful!!!!!! More...
    fshapiro's Picture   fshapiro    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude cabin assistant

    I am currently on the Amtrak empire builder from Chicago to Seattle, traveling with two friends. When we first got on the train we figured that we could sit separately until more people get on in other stops, which would be when we'd move together. However, the amtrak cabin assistant insisted that we sit together, which would have been fine if he wasn't extremely rude about it. A few stops later when no one got on we were still not allowed to move our seats, but a family of four behind us got two seats each with the cabin assistant's welcome approval. I am not sure if we are... More...
    Zayhra's Picture   Zayhra    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak What a wonderful way to travel.

    My wife and I just completed a round trip to San Francisco on the California Zephyr. We had such a good time. The food was very good to excellent, the dining room service was the best. Our coach attendant on both ways was polite and extremely professional, very helpful about our well being. We missed our connecting train at Union Station in Chicago due to a rock slid in the Rocky mountains. The customer service rep. was a real sweet heart, she got us on the earliest connecting train and had a cab waiting for us to take us home, Ever see the airlines do that? This was part of our vacation,... More...
    AlvinYork's Picture   AlvinYork    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak: attendant tapped me agrily on the arm

    I'm currently on a amtrak headed from NYC to Philadelphia. I'm traveling with my husband. I heard the attendant say to have our tickets ready to be checked. I informed my husband and then closed my eyes to rest. She came to our seats; he apparently wasn't quick enough showing her both of our tickets so she tapped me angrily on my arm and told me to wake up. I am outraged that a amtrak attendant felt like she could touch me, let alone so forcefully. This is my first and LAST time on Amtrak. Ridiculous!!! More...
    Kellywilson's Picture   Kellywilson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love the Auto-Train

    We returned from a five week vacation in FL. Drove to Lorton, VA March 1 and boarded the train and returned on April 7. We booked one of the small rooms since the price is a little high for us (both of our cabin person(s) were very funny and nice). However it%u2019s nice to be able to sleep without all the other people in coach. The thing we love about the train, we are not driving to and from FL. The one thing that bugs us, Amtrak is subsidized by the government and yet the dining rooms beg for tips. They do not remove tips from the previous seating. I guess they want you to see... More...
    skijo's Picture   skijo    0 Comments   Comments
  • worse experience ever!!!

    I can not believe my experience with this company. Besides them over charging me $105!!! Every person has been beyond rude. Believe me I understand overwhelmed workers because I am one! But customers that pay(actually way overpay) for a service should never be yelled at, talked down to, refused a supervisor and hung up on! I will never ever ever take the train again. If someone ram a different train service they would put Amtrak out of business with this service! Don't do it fly or drive!!! More...
    auntsissy19's Picture   auntsissy19    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak Capitol Corridor

    On the first leg of our round trip ride from San Jose to Auburn our train was over 4 hours late due to mechanical trouble. When we arrived at the station we were told that we would have to wait almost 2 hours for the next bus to arrive at the station. Their idea of compensation? $3 off our next purchase at their over priced café (about the same as a pack of playing cards). So after a 6 hour delay on Thanksgiving and a couple days at grandmas house my 5 year old and I are ready to take the bus and train back. The only obstacle? The bus is 20 minutes late and rather than delay the... More...
    tpreader's Picture   tpreader    0 Comments   Comments
  • My trip from Orlando to Penn Station.

    I have a few things to complain about, my name is Danny and I am 18 years old. My boy friend and me had round trip tickets from CT to Orlando. Being as it is my first time riding a passenger train I was excited. Our trip down to Orlando was fantastic ever single conductor was exceptionally nice and respectful. Seeing as I smoke and have for many years now going a long distance without smoking gets me frustrated as well as many other people who smoke. On our way down they were really respectful to us smokers and would allow us to get off the train to have a cigarette. This happened even if... More...
    Dcook1996's Picture   Dcook1996    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not Allowed on Train

    Bought ticket to go from San Juan Capistrano, Ca to Fullerton, CA. Short trip, just one hour. Was to have surgery and family was in Fullerton. Rather than take my car and have it be stuck in Fullerton, I thought I would take the train and have family meet me and take me to the Hospital. Train was to come at 10:48 a.m.. My friend and I were there at 10:00a.m. Train was late, I walked up to the train and the worker told me to board down there, he pointed to a ways away. I walked quickly down. I saw a woman get off the train, A worker said ,where are you going? I said I need to get on the... More...
    Grandma5's Picture   Grandma5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak complaints

    Amtrak Office of Customer Relations 60 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20002 Re: Reference #2863044; itinerary #B1EEBE To Whom It May Concern: This is a complaint about our recent trip on Amtrak (Empire Builder). We travelled as a family of 4 – 2 Senior Citizen and 2 adults. We demand a full refund for this trip based on the complaints listed below, which are above and beyond any normal expectations for delays and inconvenience. After our arrival in Oregon, we called Amtrack. We were told that our concerns should be put in writing and were given the... More...
  • Amtrak Service

    When riding recently Amtrak's Starlight sevice between Dunsmuir Ca. and Martinez ,Ca.I observed a noticable lack of assistance boarding and disembarking the train at various stops. The elderly and young mothers with children struggling to board or disembark while carrying luggage and manurvering children and other carry-ons without any assistance from the Porters . They were just told to hurry up, your holding up our schedule and other passengers. Not even suggestions that would have given these people some idea as to what they could do or a helping hand getting into or out of the... More...
    preachinmomma's Picture   preachinmomma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not doing this again

    My boyfriend and I bought train tickets to go to Raleigh for the day, for the heck of it. We paid almost $ 200 for a round trip for the both of us to ride in the business class. The ride there was freezing cold, the ceiling was leaking through all over us. We did get to choose our seat. I bought a muffin that was opened and all moldy and didn't receive a refund or exchange. On the way back, the train was nearly 30 minutes late. We didn't receive our complimentary drinks. We didn't receive ANY care from our stewardess for the entire trip, so no drinks or pillows or anything.... More...
    1980aj's Picture   1980aj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak was unacceptably poor

    My family and I decided to take a train trip for the first time last week and it wasn't the best experience. First of all the train was always running late; arriving, dinner or departure. We sat at the train station for over two hours starting at 2 am waiting for it. Secondly the staff was horrible!!!!! I went to school for hospitality and work in the service industry, maybe the staff needs some schooling on service. Most people were rude, rolling there eyes when asked a simple question, yelling at us or simply ignore us. We were on the train for 20 hours and they wouldn't let us... More...
    NicholeJ's Picture   NicholeJ    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst experience traveling ever!!!!!

    Take the train they said, it will be cheaper and easier they said. Haha jokes on me. First off. Of you really want to make your trip longer and more expensive (if you drive a car) then taking Amtrak. My girl friend and I took the wolverine train from Chicago to royal oak at 6pm. Was supposed to take around 6 hours as opposed to 4.5 to drive but it did not take 6 hours. It took over 9 hours!!! No exaggerating. It is now 3 am and we still have one stop before going to royal. With numerous problems. The train was not very clean considering people putting feet on chairs with nasty dirty shoes,... More...
    ryetung1229's Picture   ryetung1229    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak Ticket Cancelation mid-trip and Rouge Conductor

    Amtrak Ticket Cancelation mid-trip and Rouge Conductor Last year my wife and I purchased train tickets through Amtrak Vacations; thinking that they would have a tighter connection with Amtrak. Not so. In the middle of our trip we were denied boarding; the conductor had no record of our issued ticket. The conductor then treated us as if we were trying to hijack his train. Later requests to Amtrak Customer Relations revealed that Amtrak had canceled our ticket a few days before we were denied boarding; to make someone else%u2019s trip more enjoyable. Amtrak was sorry that they had not... More...
    Chuck375's Picture   Chuck375    0 Comments   Comments
  • recent trip to florida

    Went on roundtrip from Wilmington,de to tampa ,fl. March 22nd thru march 29th. 1st trip on train in 22 years. Improvements were softer seat cushions on coach and electric outlets. Silver star run pretty much the same. enjoyed ride overall. bad storm on east coast april 29th caused signal problems and bad flooding near Baltimore resulting in 2 1/2 hour late into Wilmington. My main complaint is that my assigned coach ended up being the furthest from station every time...on return trip I asked for and received a golf cart ride....senior citizen with bad ankle. crew as courteous as usual. More...
    hatman's Picture   hatman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not sanitary

    Take an airplane. It's worth the extra money. I took an Amtrak trip with my family about 2 years ago from Pinellas Park, FL to Washington DC. Late at night, as I was finally nodding off, a little boy ran down the aisle and puked all over me. My children were also hit pretty bad, but they were watching a movie, so they did not even flinch even as I was wiping chucks off of their faces. Anyway, it took the staff 30 min to mosey back after my wife found and notified them. I guess they wanted to finish their card game. When they came they refused to do any cleanup. "We don't... More...
    JohnWood's Picture   JohnWood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak: Service Deficiencies

    Hello, I'm a 32 yr old healthcare executive in Denver Colorado. Currently the wife and I and our 1month old decided to take a chance on Amtrak to our trip to Denver. We are about to conclude our trip and wanted to write a review before doing such. Staff at the Ottumwa Iowa station were helpful, courteous, and accommodating within reason. Bravo! That is the good part. First negative was the other passengers and how the staff responded. Example, several people stole other peoples' seats yet nearly refused to move when asked numerous times. Staff shrunk from these interactions and... More...
    dmcdermott's Picture   dmcdermott    1 Comments   Comments
  • Train Station

    So today I traveled from Erie, Pennsylvania all the way to New York City via amtrak. I noticed one of the workers, a tall, larger, African-American man in a navy blue amtrak coat and matching hat was especially rude to the attendants. While I was using the restroom (the light goes on that shows when someone is in the restroom), he opened the door while I was doing my business. When I first heard the door move, I yelled "I'm in here" but that didn't stop him from continuing to open the door anyway. I feel violated and he never even apologized. More...
    jozayy15's Picture   jozayy15    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint with amtrak in centralia washington

    I am very upset with Amtrak because today when my husband and myself, James and Jennifer Halverstadt were to leave Centralia, Washington in mid morning the man in the station did not announce that our train had arrived. When we arrived at the station we were told that our train would be arriving in 5 min. We stood in the station, another train went by, and then finally our train arrived. We did not know if it was our train, we went to the window to ask the man, he was gone and would not be back for a few minutes per his notice on the window. We looked at our ticket for infor that would... More...
    westie4549's Picture   westie4549    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak a horrible way to travel

    If you don't want to get to your destination on time ride Amtrak. If your a fan of senseless delays and marked up snack food prices come aboard and ride amtrak. This experience taught me a lesson in being cheap. I took the 190 out of Baltimore to catch the 63 train to rochester ny at penn station in NYC. The whole trip from penn station was wrought with delays and inconsiderate people. I am five hours off my original arrival time and the conducter says there may be more delays. Switch issues now more delays. I will NEVER ride another train in my life to travel unless it's a subway... More...
    Thomeug78's Picture   Thomeug78    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lost luggage 2nd time

    Hi amtrak lost my luggage again this is the second time this happened to me I have about $300.00 dollar worth of stuff and plus douments I need really bad ive tryed calljng and it just keeps ring I want someone on this fast its a medium black suitcase with a broken wheel on it has my sisters name and plus I love amtrak but its getting kinda fusterating them losing my stuff wat r they going to do to get my stuff and the workers are very rude and they dont do notthing please I want my stuff back or somethjng bc so I dont worry anymore buy someone please get on this More...
  • Niagara to NewYork 4th August

    We had problems with our tickets being cancelled,Tim and Marty our conductors got in touch with staff at Buffalo so we had a minimum delay purchasing 2 more and getting back on the train,they were great guys as we still had ticket problems, they made it as stress free as possible .Thanks guys we r the couple from Australia. The trip took 14 hours with a lot of delays so we dod not arrive at Penn station until midnight,we would fly if we had to do it again More...
    Twall's Picture   Twall    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrack Lounge in Portland Station

    We were waiting to be called for our Portland to Spokane trip on July 23, 2013. My son and family consisted of 2 adults, a 3 yr. old, a 16th month old and myself. We had a lot of bags to carry, not only extra for the children but "stuff" for my son's business part of the trip. (Not to mention the food poisoning I was suffering from). We were not told that the train was coming so we could gather everything and be ready,but the woman employee working in the lounge just held the door open and said, "are you coming or not?"There was no help and the red cab drove... More...
    Terrig52's Picture   Terrig52    1 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak toilet stench Nauseating

    Riding. train right now from Philly to DC. First time using Amtrak. Pros-cost, comfy seats, wi-fi works, powwr outlets. none of these overcome the big Con- nauseating stench of human waste that permeates the air. first car boarded was overpowering stink. moved to another car with less stench, but it's still makes me want to puke. thankful only 2 hr ride. AMTRAK STINKS ...LITERALLY. Yuck More...
    DOMENICTX3's Picture   DOMENICTX3    1 Comments   Comments

Amtrak Reviews By Product

Amtrak Comments

pennyt says: (3 years ago)
OMG! Here we go again. I love to travel Amtrack but lately u have been dropping the ball. The last trip we were stuck at a train station for over 5 hours with no provisions. Then, we tried it again... Well, train was 20 min. Late and then we sat on tracks outside rantoul for about 2 hrs waiting on a freight train. Seriously.,, communicate with other trains people!! So, a three hour trip to Chicago took twice a long and I still had to pay the hotel for being late.

Veganguy says: (4 years ago)
First of all, I am a VEGAN. I have travelled on Amtrak previously, and
both times I requested Vegan meals, and both times I was severely
disappointed. I am trying one last time before I switch to bus service.

I am currently traveling from Pittsfield MA to Green River UT on
September 12, leaving at 3:36 PM and changing in Chicago. I have
requested vegan meals, but on my two previous trips on Amtrak I also
requested vegan meals.

My requests were either completely ignored, or I was given a small
plastic container of vegan food which was hardly edible. On both
occasions I had foreseen the possibility of problems from previous
travel, and I brought my own food with me. I will do so again on this
next trip, but I would be delighted if I were pleasantly surprised.

I would really like vegan food of the same quality that other
passengers who are not vegan get. Veganism is becoming much more
popular so hopefully you have progressed in the two years since my last
Amtrak trip. If not I may not ever take another one.

I would like vegan food which is actually semi prepared like the food
served to others, not reheated in a plastic container in a microwave
with the plastic container served on a plate. This was what I had the
last time.

If you have any interest in pleasing your passengers and encouraging
further use of Amtrak, I ask that you take my concerns seriously. I
will be a captive of Amtrak for three days on this next trip and I
plead with you not to subject me to food I really do not want to eat.

If you, or someone else could send me a menu of vegan options for the
trip I would appreciate it.

5393315a says: (5 years ago)
The lady behind the window at the denver station is outrageously rude. She wouldnt even tell me where to check bags.She pointed n i couldnt figure out where she was pointing.I ve never been in station before n she made it miserable. The baggage guys were rude.

5393315a says: (5 years ago)
Never used amtrak before and arrived in denver station jan 8 2013 .The lady behind the window was incredibly rude.I dint know where to go and they were just pointin where to go instead of

slamalam says: (5 years ago)
for the 6th out of 6th and LAST time, AMTRACK is so late, I will be missing my OWN PARTY....thank you again...I have never once experienced Amtrack to be on time...not even close, not even within one hour......

nonnamaria48 says: (5 years ago)
will take greyhound bus from dayton to chicago union station. arriving l:40. zephyr leaves at 2:00. will i make it? only way i have to get to chicago. help? shall i get there a day early? if so, what hotel is near the train station? i am 60 years old. maria

AnnDav1 says: (6 years ago)
I planned a trip by Amtrak to New York City to atend funeral services for my uncle leaving July 1, 2012 from Florence, SC. I travel about an hour to get to the station. When I arrived at the station, I was informed that the train was running behind schedule due to bad weather. The train was due to leave about 11:20 pm but was scheduled to get into the station at approximately 12:30 and that was not a sure thing. I, however, understood that and after talking with the agent, I changed my reservation to leave the following morning which was July 2 on the 11:39 am train. Before leaving home on July 2, I called Amtrak agent to check train status and was told that the train was running on schedule and would be leaving Florence at 11:39 as schedule. I proceeded to go to Florence and arrived at the station about an hour before train time. When I got to the window to purchase my ticket, I was told by the station agent that the train was due in between 4 pm and 6 pm that evening. I was shocked that the Amtrak agent on the phone had lied to me about the train schedule and due to this, I was unable to attend my Uncle's Service. I was really disappointed with the Amtrak Agent(s) because I called twice and each one told me the same lie. This cause me to have to again drive to Florence and make the decision not to travel because of the lateness. I am still sad because I was unable to attend my Uncle's services. Please inform your agents to be truthful with customers. This is not good for Amtrak's business!

JAX21 says: (6 years ago)


kristink says: (6 years ago)
This is a positive comment about Angelica, who works at the San Francisco branch of Amtrak. Gold star Angelica!! You were so incredibly helpful and were so tenacious in solving the mystery of my grandmother and aunt's missing luggage; I can't say enough good things about you. And you managed to help us while you were juggling other customers and working solo.

My grandmother and my aunt were visiting me in San Francisco, they got in at 9:30am, (they'd taken an Amtrak train from Portland - an 18 hour train ride) they were tired, they were hungry, they just wanted to get to my house and take a shower and a nap - but Amtrak lost their bags. Then someone from Emeryville Amtrak called my aunt and said no worries, we've found the bags! Show up at the SF Amtrak at 2:45. Yay and done. However, when we got there, no bags. We called around and no one from Sacramento to Salinas would admit to having seen the bags. Angelica angelically tracked down the missing bags. I honestly think without her, they would have disappeared. I spoke with one woman from the Emeryville Amtrak (the station that lost the bags) who was a horrendous bitch to me on the phone - said it was my fault and I should contact the Portland office and hung up on me. Well... I wasn't even on the train, and I don't really understand how the Portland office would be any better then Emeryville at finding luggage that went missing in Emeryville.

To wrap up, I'm so happy I live in SF and not Emeryville so Angelica could be the one to help. Thank you again Angelica!!


kristink says: (6 years ago)
This is a positive comment about Angelica, who works at the San Francisco branch of Amtrak. Gold star Angelica!! You were so incredibly helpful and were so tenacious in solving the mystery of my grandmother and aunt's missing luggage; I can't say enough good things about you. And you managed to help us while you were juggling other customers and working solo.

My grandmother and my aunt were visiting me in San Francisco, they got in at 9:30am, (they'd taken an Amtrak train from Portland - an 18 hour train ride) they were tired, they were hungry, they just wanted to get to my house and take a shower and a nap - but Amtrak lost their bags. Then someone from Emeryville Amtrak called my aunt and said no worries, we've found the bags! Show up at the SF Amtrak at 2:45. Yay and done. However, when we got there, no bags. We called around and no one from Sacramento to Salinas would admit to having seen the bags. Angelica angelically tracked down the missing bags. I honestly think without her, they would have disappeared. I spoke with one woman from the Emeryville Amtrak (the station that lost the bags) who was a horrendous bitch to me on the phone - said it was my fault and I should contact the Portland office and hung up on me. Well... I wasn't even on the train, and I don't really understand how the Portland office would be any better then Emeryville at finding luggage that went missing in Emeryville.

To wrap up, I'm so happy I live in SF and not Emeryville so Angelica could be the one to help. Thank you again Angelica!!


xanti says: (6 years ago)
Dear, Amtrak i love your services. First of all you dnt have to use your gas to travel just hop on the train and you can have your rest if you are in the quiet car. I love me some AMTRAK

SamLiz says: (8 years ago)
Recently traveled NNews - Alexandria. The NNews station was dirty, needed repairs, trash everywhere. Not impressive!. Scenary is of tires in ditches, abandoned everything, a lot of old funky railroad stuff. Clean it up!!! Contract your food service onboard and get a better quality result. Actively, I repeat, ACTIVELY promote core services between major cities, discount rates for off peak times, and think about if, maybe

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