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Amtrak Reviews

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  • travelling Amtrak

    Amtrak can be a very convenient way to travel in the NE Corridor. However, its arrival and departure times are becoming increasingly unreliable (2017) and travelers should aware of this in making plans. Once trains are late they will invariably suffer more delays. A train starting 30 minutes late will often reach its destination 1hr 30min late. It is still a good way to travel, but just remember Amtrak is not run by Japanese or Europeans More...
    gizzy's Picture   gizzy    0 Comments   Comments
  • One-way coach sleeper ticket costs $1,252!

    Travelling between the east coast and the west coast, a one-way coach sleeper berth is $1,252. Note that this is coach, not 1st class, and only one-way. $1,252 is 5 times the cost of flying! The 1st reason for the outrageous price is AmTrak's overpaid executives & board members. Put these featherbedders to work on board the trains for $50K/yr, instead of the $200K they each make now for doing nothing. The 2nd reason for the price is that our government, who should oversee the Amtrak salaries and rates to make them fair, has been bought by the oil fat cats and told to do... More...
    hannum7's Picture   hannum7    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not a bad trip... but the filth!

    We took the EMPIRE BUILDER Portland to Chicago July 28th. Went through some of the most picturesque country there is. Unfortunately we saw ALL OF IT through filthy windows. What a rip off. Does anyone at Amtrak care about DELIVERING the view that they SELL? Everything about the exterior of the train, metal and glass, was filthy, I'd bet that none of it had been cleaned(even poorly cleaned) in years. More...
    fortyniner's Picture   fortyniner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak Service

    When riding recently Amtrak's Starlight sevice between Dunsmuir Ca. and Martinez ,Ca.I observed a noticable lack of assistance boarding and disembarking the train at various stops. The elderly and young mothers with children struggling to board or disembark while carrying luggage and manurvering children and other carry-ons without any assistance from the Porters . They were just told to hurry up, your holding up our schedule and other passengers. Not even suggestions that would have given these people some idea as to what they could do or a helping hand getting into or out of the... More...
    preachinmomma's Picture   preachinmomma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrak: Service Deficiencies

    Hello, I'm a 32 yr old healthcare executive in Denver Colorado. Currently the wife and I and our 1month old decided to take a chance on Amtrak to our trip to Denver. We are about to conclude our trip and wanted to write a review before doing such. Staff at the Ottumwa Iowa station were helpful, courteous, and accommodating within reason. Bravo! That is the good part. First negative was the other passengers and how the staff responded. Example, several people stole other peoples' seats yet nearly refused to move when asked numerous times. Staff shrunk from these interactions and... More...
    dmcdermott's Picture   dmcdermott    1 Comments   Comments
  • Amtrack Lounge in Portland Station

    We were waiting to be called for our Portland to Spokane trip on July 23, 2013. My son and family consisted of 2 adults, a 3 yr. old, a 16th month old and myself. We had a lot of bags to carry, not only extra for the children but "stuff" for my son's business part of the trip. (Not to mention the food poisoning I was suffering from). We were not told that the train was coming so we could gather everything and be ready,but the woman employee working in the lounge just held the door open and said, "are you coming or not?"There was no help and the red cab drove... More...
    Terrig52's Picture   Terrig52    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stolen bag and clothing

    My daughter just recently came to visit and took Amtrak. She arrived in Fresno, CA and discovered that someone had been in her luggage and stole her toiletries bag, and clothing. She also reported it to the police. I know the customers leave there bag in another area away from the seats, but I think there should be more security for the luggage. Is there any possibility of securing the luggage in a locked compartment? What can be done? I would appreciate a response. Thank you, TJ More...
  • Amtrak is cheap. It must be true, because that's what an Amtrak employee told me.

    Amtrak is cheap Amtrak is cheap. I know this to be true because that%u2019s what the Amtrak employee at the ticket window told me after I drove 50 miles out of my way to exchange a voucher for tickets after the ticket machine at my local train station printed out 2 of the 4 tickets I had purchased, but not the remaining 2. She said that she got a voucher like mine at least once a week because the ticket kiosks run out of paper to print the tickets and all the kiosks can do is print out a voucher which you can mail to Pennsylvania for a refund, or bring to an Amtrak ticket office to... More...
    FrancisG's Picture   FrancisG    0 Comments   Comments
  • Denver Station Atmosphere

    On the 3rd of Feb, I had a phone conversation with the most amazing Amtrak employee. Denver was slowed by a snow storm and she set me up with a ticket for the same price on the next day. She sounded like she was having a rough day which I would relate to delays and angry customers. I thanked her greatly and appreciated her help very much. On the 4th, I arrived at the Denver Amtrak station early so i could confirm my ticket. When I arrived there was a woman behind the window yelling at a customer. Not knowing the situation, I brushed it off until the man next to her started instigating... More...
    dispense05's Picture   dispense05    0 Comments   Comments
  • High Speed Rail? Forget it

    Recently took Amtrak from Washington DC to New York City. A friend chose to fly. We later compared notes. He got to hotel two hours earlier than I did. Train was dirty, noisey, rail bed obviously in need of major work, snack bar service was just junk food in packages and cost was comparable to plane. Cab fare to station and airport about same. Car fares from station to hotel pretty close to same. Granted, cab in from LaGuardia to city is much higher unless you share or take bus. So, why are we being told that rail is the answer to nation's transportation problems? Not this rail. Not... More...
    Bobandtash's Picture   Bobandtash    0 Comments   Comments


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